Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vagrancy Day Seven

Chinatown, barbeque ducks, steamed buns and mango pudding; How i've missed you!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Message For Our Viewers

I've got my internet disconnected so I can pursue, well, life: so there's going to be a ton of random posts being backlogged.

Agh, anachronisms abound!

Vagrancy Day 5: I'm A Sketch-Crazy Big Flaky Pansy Downtown Girl

The day started off with a nasty oversleep and generally crabbiness
but unwound into something resembling the word "awesome".

When I finally made it out of my house (and my head). I got to stalking haphazardly around downtown, sketchbook in hand like a cocked arrow.

Stopped in a plaza to sketch.

Stopped in a cathedral to sketch.

Stopped in the crazy neverland bookstore, no room to sketch.

Stopped in a mall to sketch.

Stopped at a busy intersection to sketch.

I've actually learned some stuff from sketching all over the place, and that's: when you've been sitting cross legged on concrete for long stretches sketching and you get up, make sure you're close enough to some kind of railing or seating for when your legs collapse from the pins and needles. Generally, it'll take a long time for your legs to go back to normal, more specifically expect your limbs to be useless and unbearable for 1/3 of the time that you were seated. I once had to crawl with my hands across an entire Banff parking lot in order to find somewhere to hide from the gawping public and punch the feeling back into my leg with impunity. I love drawing.

Also met up with Alex and Lawrence who kindly offered teach me (read: kick my ass) in squash.

Being that the only thing i've done in the past ten months even resembling a sport is Xbox Hockey, I played the only way I knew how: Drive to the net hard and take the body. Subsequently, I'm missing a ton of skin on my right arm, I have a massive welt on my knee and I had one particularly nasty but intimate encouter with the wall of the court. Now I know exactly how Koivu feels everytime he gets piledriven into the boards. It's gonna be really hard to get up/brush teeth/walk tomorrow. Fortunately my head, neck and shoulder blade took the brunt of the damage. My drawing hand is relatively swell except for a small burn. Yay!

My arm:

I really like friction burns. I got in the shower tonight and I started screaming.

Anyways i'm absolutely looking towards playing some more, just probably not in the next few days.

Also I got a call from an ex-coworker in which I was called a "Big Flaky Girl". Thanks Paula.

Man, especially after the Herzog exhibit I totally forgot how much I love downtown, especially it's seedy 'tween side sandwiched between the all out squalor of Hastings/Chinatown and the super-impersonal financial district. Now, to figure out how i'm going to go and be sacrilegous in the cathedral on a more regular basis.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vagrancy Day Four: Perpetual Raptures

In case you didn't know, the Vancouver Art Gallery's admission by donation night's been moved to tuesdays (formerly thursdays). So naturally, on the only tuesday night that I am free this year I went down with Joey and Erica-May. I was particularly excited to go because the main exhibit was Fred Herzog. He's a local photographer that's been taking pictures of downtown Vancouver since the 50's. From what I read, I gather that he did most of his work in Kodakchrome -which captures a much higher spectrum of colour than the traditional film stocks of the past-; as a result, the massive prints are really vibrant and don't have the dated looks of my dad's photos from the 70's. Were it not for the jaunty signs and chrome cars of cultural difference, you could be looking at a photo that was taken this morning.

Walking from photo to photo, a couple of things really struck me:

Where the hell did all the colours go. We've forgone the lively palettes of hand painted wooden signs and buttressed neon signage for the muted quiet of steel and glass? What the hell? When in the last fifty years did we decide that we wanted to look like an Orwell novel? And more importantly why?

Everyone looked so cool for the camera in the 50's. Miscellaneous passerbys are all lounged out effortlessly and exuding far more attitude than the 21st century yaletowner as he runs despondedly to the nearest chain store. And the hats! Every guy on the street is dapped out in his finery. Everyday is a sunday.

What made me the happiest was just being to spot some little token in each picture: a building, a street sign, the tiling on a storefront; that gave away to me the location of the photo as a placed that I would have walked through. I spent a lot of time walking through the city, especially in my worst years, and for awhile I did feel that it was "my only friend". Things have changed and are changing. Buildings go from bustling to abandoned, to a hole in the ground and then spring back up again; and each time I long for what came before. It's cool to see the city given at least a moment of permanence within these photographs.

I did hear that I passed up the chance to see either Apples in Stereo or Badly Drawn Boy tonight. I can't say I mind to much; riding home over Cambie Bridge I looked out the window at the floating lights of all the towers and realized that I'm still pretty giddy: a country boy living in the big city.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

La Belle Provence

Steph -my sister- has been chilling out in La France (pronounced the redneck way) for a little over half a year now. Notably, this has meant a decreased rate of dance-offs, dude outs, high fives and just plain freestyle battling in my life. However, i've recently started thinking about maybe how her life might have been affected as well:

Haha, i'm ridiculously jealous of your enforced diet of butter-rich foods. But I miss you like crazy and can't wait until you come back.

Love, Your Bro.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Vagrancy: Day One - Momo and Karaoke

Yep, officially vagrant as of 9:30 friday night. Enjoying immensely: I duded out today for a bit and have just been out in a hoodie and basically pajama pants all day.

Happy Birthday Momo!

Haven't had steak in ages, am still totally cool with savagely slaughtering cows for consumption.

Finally made it to Karaoke and in between Guns N' Roses and beer, have completely expunged any vestigial desire to sing. Am thoroughly satisfied although my throat feels like sawed up lumber.

Met this one bloke who reminds me of Iggy Pop or at least Ewan's impression of him in Velvet Goldmine; I find people who are single-minded personalities compelling but I wonder how they can exist in the non-fiction world.

I can fuckin' sing!

Also, I just don't find the idea of leering at girls, in a pub, and throughly drunk; appealing at all. (Haha, apparently sober's totally fine though). Is that normal?

And through it all, all I could think of was sketching which totally bodes well for the coming week. Drawing, you are the only bride for me!

The Incledibles

This is really awesome. Almost as awesome as the one that teaches you to deal with rapists.

Although I guess it's not life alteringly awesome, except when they ask for my air miles card at the supermarket i'll scream "INCULEHDIDAISO!" as I do the arm thing.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Oh my Stars and Garters! What were they thinking?

Top 15 Unintentional Funny Comic Book Panels

I think Mawna or Shandy might have posted it before, but the last one (with Batman) is hilarious.


I finish work on friday, which means I have a week of vagrancy coming up. Needless to say, i'm extremely excited about the prospect of stomping around town and sketching in the familiar places of yesteryear. I have a million things I want to do in those days and a few days are already filled in, but let me know if you want to hang!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Swimsuit Girl

Here's an image I drew up as kind of a followup to the thoughts of this post.

I keep forgetting about how much legwork it is to get nice linework with a tablet. I draw really "sketchily" so I think every line in here is composed with a hundred strokes and erases. Hell, i'm better with even brushes than I am with this thing but I have to admit that (when all is said and done) digital work is infinitely cleaner. Anyways, here's hoping that it gets a little easier over time.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Drowning In A Sea of Jenny

Had an excellent tea fueled sketch today with the ridiculously talented Jenny. I've been conscripting her to do that sketch thing where we combine one person's random subject (person/thing/organic fooblebooble) with the other's random setting. Having spent most of last night staring at art blogs (instead of drawing, ;( *slice wrists*), I really tried to raise my game and make something I would at least post up, so here's my entry:

This combination was: Little Girl + Cherry Blossoms. I think Jenny made some stipulations that the girl was to be "white", around 10 years old and with "big hair". She also overruled my inclination that the "big hair" could be an afro. Damn, Jenny why are you such a hater? Anyways, I think somehow managed to screw up because this girl looks like she has the soul of a 78-year old, specifically Marlene Dietrich. As I put it ever so delicately to Jenny, the kid has "sultry, sultry eyes", and believe me i've seen my share of sultry 10 year-old girls.

I totally forgot to set a time limit for this one, so we took our sweet time, but i'm pretty happy that this turned out in about twenty minutes, inks and all. We made another one with a five-pushed-to-seven minute limite and mine was decidedly less cool. The colours were added in post, though it would have been cooler if I had brought a pink hi-liter.

Jenny always manages to blow me away with her stuff. We have completely different styles of drawing: whereas my brain rarely allows me to draw anything that isn't chained by physical properties or at least a perceived environment, her stuff seems -to me at least- to be amorphous and freely floating on some other-worldly plane.

We've collaborated in the past on a few things, but never directly drawn a picture together and since then, I also think we've gotten alot better so i'm really riding her to gimme some free swag art that I can play around with. We did a quick one today passing a piece of paper back and forth:

I always imagined a drawing collab as one of my paranoid looking figures drowning in the sea of her imagination, so I guess this is pretty damned literal. She plopped down the bottom "fountain" first and I plopped on swimming dude and she finished it off with the "tentacles". Or at least that's what I'm calling them, they probably have names in her brain.

So yeah, i'm brainstorming a collaboration project that will involve her; because as Mandy knows, nothing motivates like another artist breathing down your neck asking you for pages. The idea is still kind of cookie dough at this point, but I promises you that it'll be pretty damned cool. More importantly, i'm thinking that this could involve more than a few artists, this probably means you: Hallis and Mandy. I'll come bothering you all soon.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Really Early Saturday Morning Cartoons

This is some stuff by Skottie Young. I'm really getting into the cartoony-style of drawing and I completely blame my friends; 85% percent of whom are currently the animation industry. It's not a style that comes naturally to me at all and i've always gravitated towards more "realistic" style characters that are too micro-detail oriented.

Newsarama had an article about the re-designs of the New X-Men characters and it totally caught my eye. I remember liking the look of that brief pre-Civil War run of New Warriors art, so I am pretty stoked to find out that it's the same guy. This coloursheet is a pretty good example of what I love about this style: I really like how consistent the characters look and how the proportions and the details are all in sync with the style. The emotions and attitudes are definitely exaggerated beyond what could be found in a photoreal drawing, but it totally works. Hellion looks really exudes his cool and jerk-ness while the beast boy looks really friendly and playful. Plus, I'm probably in the minority here (at least for people above the age of 14) but I love me some underaged X-23, and I loved Josh Middleton's gothy take on her, so it's cool to see that look showing up again. And frankly, these characters just look really fun and young, something I didn't feel at all from the previous artist.

They must never -ever- see the light of day, but you can bet I did some "copying" sketches off of these character sheets. While mostly for giggles (more like cries of frustrated rage), it's actually really interesting for me to try to break foreign styles down into undestandeable components and then come up with a half-assed system for drawing them. New things come to me, because it's such a different angle of approach to drawing. I found that just by seeing how the guy draws his figures and musclature, i've come up with a few tricks that I can use to fix up some of grey areas I see in my own drawings.

Anyways, too much blogging and not enough drawing! I'm out.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fear Your Future!

This doodle was a funny idea.

*Sigh*, it's a weird time being in your twenties.

Haha, somebody in our building just set off their smoke alarm. That was so me last month, so I laugh at their ineptitude. Unless of course I am later burned to a flaky crisp, never to set foot outside this fiery tomb of a room again. Then i'm not really laughing.

In other news, I seem to be turning into one of those pretentious art kids who doesn't crop their scans so you can see that they own a !@#$ing Moleskine. I assure you all is not lost: it's a knockoff.

Skipping Tracks

I've been feeling a little out of it all day. I feel really good personally, but something has just not been syncing with the world at large; like everyone's marching along in 3/4 time and i'm tapping frenetically in 5/8 (which is a pretty screwed up
time signature to begin with). Maybe I woke up a couple of minutes off of reality today, i'll have to try to avoid that tomorrow.

It also occurs to me that they really need to make Ipod's (or equivalents) that will sync together. I mean when you're out, earbuds on, and grooving to a bassline; it looks really stupid without the music. How awesome would it be to listen to the same songs together so that everyone gets the same stupid-ass grins when it hits the really sweet parts!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When Two Worlds Collide

My baptism (by fire) of the roomate into the Great Northern obsession of NHL 07 has not been without it's quirks. At the mo' our home-team is named after the Taiwanese colloquial for "balls", and i'm not talking about the basketball or soccer variety; i'm talking about nethers.

I can sort of understand that since the man doesn't have the inbred Canadian devotion (fanatical!) to hockey heroes (I heart Gordie! Gretzky! Yzerman! Orr! Smytty!) he might not be totally captivated by the game, especially since they're all random names skating in front of him; so with that in mind, it was only logical that he would want to create a team composed with the familiar faces of our friends and co-workers. That's cool, I feel the same way when I play rpgs, usually renaming most of the main characters and pissing off those hardcore fans. It's the liberties, however, of his fanciful fairy-ish nature that has me concerned. While i'm mostly okay with us creating Piotr Colossus, a 7'0", 250-pound, granite-jawed defenceman (Mandy would approve); I don't really see why we need to add Taiwanese model/actor/rapper/douchebag extraordinaire, Jay Chou to our stable of forwards.

Although they're a ridiculously fun team to play in the way that it's embarassingly hilarious watching your hand-created friends interact in The Sims; I live in constant fear that I will arrive home from work one day, fire up the xbox and discover that Jamie Foxx is my line-mate.

Broken Pencils

Haven't really felt like i've done enough drawing in the last few days ever. Joey's been kind enough to point out to me that I pretty much spend all my time drawing and that I draw much more than an average person (read: healthy, functional person), but I never really feel that way.

It's hard to see any kind of progress with this stuff. Objectivity is kind of at a premium here, I remember liking a few pictures as I was drawing them but I can't look through my portfolios and galleries without a complete feeling of disgust and embarassment. This makes it a little difficult to go and dissect past works(not to mention the practical crutch created by never ever promoting my portfolio to anyone. Still, I think there's been a general improvement over the past maybe even half a year on my figure drawing and their fluidity, which is something that I know i've been smashing my head on repeatedly. There's a ways to go: my heads and bodies still feel really disconnected, the joints are still kind of lackadaisacal and I definitely need to get leg shapes down; but these are some recent sketches from my head:

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where Do I Get Me Some Of 'Dem Shirts?

Do you also listen to Grime?

I blame my Summer 2005 lovefest with Mike Skinner (aka. The Streets) for my interest in this British subgenre, and there's some pretty kickass stuff there from Skinner and his stable to M.I.A., Dizzee Rascal and maybe even the super-hyped (but pretty catchy) Lily Allen. However, I'm still kind of on the fence with Lady Sovereign. While I have to admit that she's kind of at the public forefront of this dance train, I can't decide whether she's just some tarted up pop midget or the "real deal" -whatever that is. Her early demos showed glimpses of awesomeness but were definitely too raw to be any kind of dealbreaker. I don't know if you find her annoying or not but she's got attitude in droves and -to my ears- her delivery among MC's is second to none. However, she's also guilty of being far more style than substance and doesn't seem like she has much of anything to say instead sticking to name checking herself and making "ch-ching" noises to fill verses. So far she's had some novelty tracks like "Hoodie" and "Random" but seems only at her best when she's pissing on other's people songs ("Sad Ass Strippah") or doing collabs with other artists (Her stint with Brit indy band, Ordinary Boys). Anyways, i've been following her North American release with some interest since she's attracted the promoting interests of hip-hop moguls, not the least of which was Jay-Z; It's probably sacrilegious to actual rap fans, but I always figured she'd be really huge here if she got a few decent producers and songwriters. Though the first couple of singles were just "meh", I'm really liking her latest release here:

The track really plays to her strengths by having a great laidback groove that lets her breakdown her usually frenetic verses to a listenable pace and to boot it's got a great chorus hook. The video also has a lot to do with it, for me. Photo booths and bringing back Kathleen Hamnett style T-shirts? Pure Love.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Enforcer Dreams

I had this dream that i'm sitting on a cruise ship waiting for a meal to be served when George Laraques barges into the room -in full gear- and starts duking it out with both Jarome Iginla and Craig Conroy. I understand that it's some kind of "friendly" but they're really getting into it. At some point I yell out to Laraques "Go Oilers!", but he just shoots me this incredulous glance and goes back to his thing; even though he's wearing his Oilers duds. Also I was being slowly incapicitated on this boat by sleeping pills that Paula kept feeding me, whom -in the real world- would phone me in the morning to wake me up and go dog-walking.

Training Day

Having to train people, especially people who are going to be your replacements, is such a surreal task.

First of all, why are they asking you to do this. What's your motivation, maaan? I mean you're leaving anyways, right?

And then there's the matter of technique. Do you tell them what they want you to tell them or do you tell them how the job really is?. Do you show them the ropes or just use them to do all your work for you? Do you make them great? And if you do, do you make yourself look errant and slothful in retrospect? Or do you try to knock 'em down and punch 'em in the gut before they take their first lap?...

Do you make them your clones? Your disciples? Teach them all your little tricks and ticks so that they wear your face on their T-shirt and become your "Sons of Batman"?

Do you just give them the quickie tour, leaving them to flounder in uncertainty and clumsiness like you did when you first started? Do you not tell them where the washrooms are or that you can take breaks. Do you turn them into workaholics and alcoholics with the thousand-yard-stare deathmarch mindset?

And then there's the sinister voice in your brain that tells you to totally lead them astray. Utterly. To create in them a time bomb that will explode long after you're gone. To stick it to the institution and take them out in the giant, untraceable blaze of your legacy. To leave nothing but a pile of whimpering flesh and tears with a "Hello My Name Is" badge slowly peeling off.

These are things you have to decide, but then you find out that your replacement listens to the same awesome music that you do; and so you just want to be friends.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Impulses that will probably Kill Me.

(or get me killed)

1. High Ledges -> Jumping off of
2. Small Dogs -> Punting
3. People in Elevators -> Starting inane conversations
4. Babies -> Punching
5. People in Elevators -> Mooning
6. Anyone above 6'2, 200 lbs -> Sucker punching in the jaw
7. Sharp Objects -> Ninja Stuff
8. Attractive Girls -> Pushing out of oncoming traffic
9. Elderly -> Pushing into oncoming traffic
10. People in Elevators -> Farting

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Alpha Flight Depth Chart

Hockey and Comics combines for Ultimate Geekery! We were at Steeps again, Hallis "Nite-Owl I" Fray and I, chatting about the connection between Canada's Premier Superteam = Team Canada and Canada's other premier superteam = Alpha Flight!!! Hallis suggested some lines that I liked but, at the time, I couldn't remember enough role players to fill up the checking lines let alone the defence. So after a quick roll through the alphanex, here are your Stanley Cup contenders: The 2006-2007 Alpha Flights!

PuckGuardian (C)Vindicator
Yukon Jack Major Mapleleaf (A)Snowbird
WildchildNemesisPuck II


ShamanSasquatch (A)
Diamond 'Lil Box (M. Jefferies)

Let's breakdown the lines from top to bottom:

1st Line
In Guardian (James "Mac" Hudson) we have the quintessential captain-center ala Sakic, Yzerman, Captain America, Koivu, Sundin pedigree. Vindicator (Heather MacNeil/Hudson) is like a doppelganger to Guardian but with more speed vs. less power, it's tempting to place her in a similar position on another line, but it's also impossible to deny the allure of having the two star players on the same line: they have natural chemistry and she fits the profile of an elite winger. Rounding it out Puck (Eugene Jodd) brings grit and energy to this star line, originally a position filled by X-buyout Wolverine (he's everywhere) Puck is a natural fit for the comparables: he'll be the one delivering the hits and driving hard to the net for the rebounds and deflections. On the blueline we have two more powerhouses: Sasquatch (Walter Langkowski) is the physical presence and will control the corners as well as clear the front of the crease with his dominating checks yet smart play. Shaman (Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen) on the other hand will strip the opposing players with his skillful stickwork and has the skills to set plays in motion with his breakout passing and immaculate puck control. Very solid star line.

2nd Line
The second line is speed, speed and a touch of grit. To seperate the Beaubier twins would be to severly limit their potential so the line uses their sibling chemistry and telepathic passes and lightning speed to overwhelm and terrorize opposing defenses. Jean-Paul seems like more of the natural winger with Jean-Marie more of the spiritual center and playmaker. Keeping guard is once again Puck (Jean-Puck?) reprising his position from the first line, his durability allows him to log the hard extra minutes, his toughness keeps the opposition from taking undue shots on the twins and his compact frame allows him to keep pace with the speedy siblings. In the defensive zone, a stay-at-home oriented pair keeps the guard with the forward trio often out of sight. Box IV ( Madison Jefferies) provides a combination of steady puck control and zone enforcement while Diamond 'Lil (Lillian Crawley-Jefferies) adds a hint of aggression while remaining a somewhat stalwart defensive presence. An extremely skilled line, the elite pairing of the Beaubier's would be first line on any lesser team.

3rd Line
Our checking line is a strong combination of muscle and two-way play: Major Mapleleaf (Louis Sadler Jr.) is a skilled and responsible locker room leader who can be counted on to create scoring opportunites without sacrificing defensive lapses in the Peca/Linden/Storm mode. Yukon Jack (name unpronounceable) brings grit and strength on the forecheck and despite his often difficult nature, should lead the line in hits and penalty minutes as the enforcer, Snowbird (Narya/Anne Mackenzie) will be a more subtle but still stifling presence with her ability to adjust to the opposition and a high degree of skill and puck control. Our six and seven defenders will curtail the easy minutes, Manbot has a very similar developing skillset to Box and should do nicely and if the younger Twoyoungmen, Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen), develops into even a partial comp to Shaman she'll be projected as a top 4 defenceman. A strong forechecking line to shutout opposing scoring lines.

4th Line
Like the final defensive line, the 4th line is a kids and junior version line featuring callups from the AHL affilates of Beta Flight and Gamma Flight. Injury/death prone Nemesis brings a nice bit of skill and toughness and the strongest experience of the three and in the event of her likely absence, can be replaced by the aging Centennial (Rutherford Princeton) who would be an excellent guiding hand for the rookies. You could make the case to interchange with any other AHL callups but I picked the younger Puck (Zuzha Yu) and Wildchild (Kyle Gibney - pending a trade to the Weapon X team) for their toughness and checking which should compliment Nemesis nicely during the stray minutes. The playmaking skills of Ghost Girl especially deserve a mention as she'll be pushing for a place in the big leagues and only her defensive frailtys preclude her from an automatic spot in the roster.

Special Teams
Powerplay is where I go with Hallis' opinion that Guardian should be paired up with the Beaubiers on wing. So the stellar first unit would be Aurora/Guardian/Northstar with Shaman and Puck providing the D, Second unit would be Nemesis/Vindicator/Snowbird with a backup pairing of Box and Talisman; it's a weaker line than I'd like but the absence of offensive specialists allows the right wing position to be open to anyone on a streak or a promising skilled rookie (Ghost Girl/Persuasion etc.).
On the PK, I'd go with a first unit of Puck/Major Mapleleaf and Vindicator to create havoc with breakaways. I'd keep my defensive lines intact for this one (Shaman/Sasquatch). Second unit would be an equally strong line of Yukon Jack/Guardian/Northstar with either a Box/Lil, Box/Talisman or all bot Box/Manbot combo. No one's going to get the easy goals on this team.
Shootout lineup would probably vary according to hot streaks, but a tentative order would have: Northstar/Guardian/Vindicator/Aurora/Snowbird.

Anyways due to sheer numbers, team Alpha Flight is somewhat of an underdog in a league that includes the Avengers, the X-Men and that dirty hitting Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; but due to their unique combination of skill and heart as well as their Northern pedigree, you can count on Alpha Flight to go deep into the playoffs.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Passing The Torch

My dear Joey finally beat me at NHL 07 today. I'm no longer using my own team, but I feel that it was a tight game: garbage and skill goals were evenly distributed, strong skating and stringent defense in the first, a pair of morale shattering goals in the second, a reply goal in the third only for us to trade back and forth as he tried to hold onto the lead; and then an extremely tight finish with my guys crowding the zone with shot after shot eventually even pulling a hail mary along with our goalie and doing everything but putting in that crucial tying goal. In other words: I feel he beat me fair and square... and I couldn't be prouder.

Good Game, Dude.

Despite my happiness for my skilled roomate, I can't help but feel a little wistful. This wasn't supposed to happen for another two weeks. It feels like the end of an era.

Monday, March 5, 2007

House Arrest

I'm feeling particularly paranoid and anxious today;
the world is full of waiting razor blades and dirty syringes.
Angry eyes / pallid hands,
people with black holes in their heads.

Friday, March 2, 2007

The Peppering Chicken

I was out for lunch with the spectacular Erica-May Chan the other day and we noticed that a dish was named "Peppering Chicken". Peppering, clearly this couldn't just be some normal dish, why not just "pepper" or "peppered"?. Then it hit us, what if they were not advertising a food but rather... a service? Immediately we conjured up visions of a prim chicken maƮtre d' being wheeled up on a little cart and holding in it's wings a pepper grinder. I don't know what they put in the tea but we were laughing over the idea for the better part of the afternoon.

So later on we pulled out the sketchbooks and here are some of my ridiculous doodles.

Considering that I can't for the life of me remember any of the spurious details of chicken anatomy, I'm pretty happy with these. The second chicken au poivre is based on the sketch that Erica-May made since I suck at cartooning. I decided to take it all the way to kick my own ass over never using the tablet:

The Peppering Chicken was pretty damned good btw.

Knives Don't Have Your Back

Have you seen this? (quicktime)

I Love Zellers.