Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We traded Smytty.

I had a good day today, a great day today but right now i'm sick to my stomach.

Edmonton... we... traded away our heart and our soul.

Even if Ryan Smyth wins a Stanley Cup with the New York Islanders -and for his sake, I sincerely hope they do, despite the 'Isles having been pretty much been one of my least preferred teams (maybe second only to the Leafs)- I don't for one minute believe that Smyth would want to win a cup in any jersey but the blue and copper. Ryan Smyth should never have to skate for even one moment in any colours other than Blue and Copper unless it's the Red and White of his national team or an all-star jersey. I'm always going to be an Oiler man, even if someday I cease to watch hockey, i'll be an Oilers man; But for the near future and the rest of this season, there is no way I can cheer for this team.

Mr. Smyth, here's to your success. You gave Edmonton and it's fans everything and I wish you all the best no matter where you are *Raises Glass*.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Morning Glory

I don't know what kind of vile notion possessed me to decide to not sleep for a night because it would be a "good idea". I'm starting to suspect that I have become some sort of personal, demented-alcoholic father figure to myself as I exhort various asinine precepts in the inebriate hope that I might "toughen up". Nevertheless, here I am: red-eyed, despondent and feeling as if my skin has shrunk two sizes too small.

The already tedious task of human interaction is made more awkward by impending narcolepsy. I met up with my benefactor to pour over the children's book illustrations, but it's looking pretty good. We're surprisingly happy with the progress. I resolve to hate those drawings in about a week's time (but no less).

Mandy, you're creeping me out because my radio alarm roused me from my non-sleeping stupor and it was the Pet Shop Boys. On local pop radio.

Also, it's sweet when you're thinking of calling someone and then they the phone rings and it's them. Nice one, Amber.

I have to go pick up some more ink and bristol board, and I have cheques to cash. I can always sleep when I'm dead. Onwards graphite and ink!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Aagh. I just realized that I had to flick a switch to let non-blogger members comment. It's done. Have at 'er.

Downtown - Episode 5 "The Con"

"Check this out man, Under-Age Midget Porn! they're small and mis-proportioned... yet sexy!" - Goat

Still haven't decided whether to go to Emerald City Con this year. Part of me is plain curious but the other part is really enjoying the immaculate fresh scent of having never ever been to a comic con before.

Then again Alex Maleev is going to be there.

Who's goin?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

She Painted the Town Red, Black and then She Painted it White Again

Hurricane Mom has come and gone. There are neatly folded extra blankets and beddings strewn everywhere. Gaping fridges filled past their brim. Gifts haphazardly sitting in the middle of emptied out countertops. Surfaces devoid of bacterial life. You look around at the survivors of this natural catastrophe and you see only the empty, shocked and still unbelieving eyes of people who have been completely torn from their normal routines. People who are only now re-learning how to sleep-in again.

Back to Biz'naz!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Gameday: Oilers vs. Senators

We've waited all year to see the Hope Danglers vs. Heartless Skill Monsters. I'm on shift for this one, but i'll be hovering around the terminal glancing dejectedly at the boxscore all night.

If the last matchup between the Hollis Jared Fray Blaynee coached Sens and the Daniel "The DC stands for Awesome" Fung coached Oil counts for anything, I'm going for 4-3 Sens. We'll lead by one for the final two periods with Smytty's hat trick against a Spezza beauty goal and a Phillips powerplay slap shot off the face-off but then the bastards will tie it up with 37 seconds remaining in the third and they'll go on to win it in OT. With my luck it'll probably be Comrie. Look for a lot of dirty, dirty hits by the Ottawans, especially that hooligan Eaves.

Update: Damn... I was right on the money (although Smitty didn't score, but Comrie totally did during the shootout). Why is it so easy to predict the oilers losing, and yet so difficult to find them winning?

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Man, my mom's been here for three days and I feel like i've been run through a blender. There's this thing that happens four or five times in the morning: Since i'm crashing on the couch, for the duration, my spare blanket is a pretty hefty thing. By the middle of the night I'm usually sweating my ass off. I can kick the blanket off my feet a little bit to cool off, but everytime I do this my mom tip toes over and tucks it back in. I'm losing a lot of sleep, but I don't want to say anything about it because it's so sweet having a mom tuck you in.

I really love having her here and we're by no means tearing into each other like high school redux or anything, what bugs me though, is that mom's really energetic and wants to go head out and check things out everyday. It really puts a magnifying glass on just how little I get out most of the time. I noticed that I don't have a lot of energy and it's really starting to worry me. I thought I was healthy but if I totally can't keep up with all 78lbs of my mother, nevermind the age difference, what's that bode for me? I'm dead tired every day from my brain-eating zombie schedule and the misanthropic night job and drawing lifestyle is totalling wasting me out. It's getting pointed out that I have rolls of fat on my small frame, man I was totally a model heroin addict build just four or five months ago. And as I exhale I feel out of breath: paranoia? just more tiredness? It's not good. Not good at all.

I looked through Matthew Woodson's site again today and I, once again, was completely blown away by how annihilating his skill level is. It's inspiring, but I also want to curl up into a ball and cry like a baby.

Matthew Woodson is not human:

I'm way more stressed than I should be for the children's book illustrations that i'm working on. Even though it's not really a critical gig, I feel like i'm way behind schedule and worse yet, I don't really feel motivated on it. A lot of it has to do with being stuck on some of the content but, I did some sketches today while sitting in the mall and it feels like i'm working out the kinks. I couldn't get a good feel for how to draw a cute little girl protagonist -it's not material i'm familiar with-; I guess what I needed was an angle:

Haha, I think I really need to branch my imagination out. I think getting out a hell of a lot more will do me good, I usually feel really awesome whenever i'm out but I seem to always forget about it the moment I step back in and hit the papers. Also, I'm seeing my adorable nieces tomorrow so that should give me some spice and priceless livemodels.

Anyways, I think I have to disconnect from the internet for a few days; there's too many candies in this shop and I'm getting a toothache.

I Know It's Over

Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head
And as I climb into an empty bed
Oh well. Enough said.
I know it's over - still I cling
I don't know where else I can go

And for the love of god, please sign Smytty.

Update: Totally true, the Bergeron deal pretty much confirms we're sellers.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Where's the Power Pellet?

Roomate Defamation (Valentine's Edition)

Dear Roomie,

I fear that another grave issue has reared it's head since the peaceful -if uneasy- resolution of our last debacle. Such unrest do I feel at this new situation, that I feel that I must resolve it by asking you one question:

When you have a dream about a female co-worker -who is not your girlfriend-, which is not overtly sexual but does contains her nudity; and if in this dream it is understood that you are the reason for sudden follicular growth all about her body and subsequently, the responsibility of shaving-off said growth also falls to you; and if -whilst shaving her bare back- she turns to you and is suddenly revealed to not be a woman, but rather a bearded man!... Do you:

a) Stop eating directly before sleeping?

b) Lay off the heroin/cocaine/'shrooms/smack/ganja/nyquil and or barbituates and see a qualified psychologist?

or c) Upon waking, go directly to your female co-worker and relay your dream in full detail.

Well, let me tell you, dear sir, that the answer was certainly not "c".

Respectfully yours,
Your Roomate.

Oh man, he cracks me up.

It's V-D Day (or rather was, but hey I just got home) and I was wanting to do a wicked awesome splash for it as is my tradition but I've really been way to busy. So, sorry! Nya-nya-nyaaaah. But yeah, seriously the last couple of weeks have been totally hellish with being sick and totally stressed out. I've got a project riding my ass and I keep getting shifted extras at work which gives me urges... killing urges. And being ill? Snot was fun at first but then it got old and now I just want my money back.

Anyways, I'm really glad that work was short today. Seriously, do I have to say how horrified I am that I have to work on a shift we promote as "A Night of Romance"?!?, ugh! I did get to work on a sweet splash over the last week which was cool but i've got to get back to smashing my face on illustrating, and my mom is coming to crash tomorrow so whee! Also an old friend that I thought was totally lost to me wrote me out of the blue the other day, so I am really stoked.

It's good to be healthy, ridiculously sexy and covered and ink! Oh yeah, and chocolate cupcakes!