Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pure Pulp

I don't want to offend the reading sensibilities of some of my dear friends, but i'm a sucker for any kind horrid garbage as long as it bears the labels Fantasy or Science Fiction. I have a filthy, filthy love for Space: 1999 and a fetid teenage desire to read each and every Dragonlance novella ever created, even the one's eulogizing the tales of sub character henchmen of sub characters from partial mentioned myths created by spinoff writers. So when I saw Robert Jordan's "A Crowd's Of Swords" lying discarded in a cardboard box labelled "take me" in a neighbouring alley, I did what any self-respecting science fiction geek would do. I got the hell out of the alley.

Nearby on an earlier day, I was just minding my own business when what should drive by, but the motherfrakkin' A-Team Van. As it rolled by, I could swear that there must have been speakers hidden all around the area playing that triumphant theme (Dun Dun dun DUN, DUN DUN DUN) even though I knew that it was a perfectly still autumn morning. But being the driver must be pretty cool, next to being almost as rad as Mr. T, his day is likely filled with exchanges like the one that experienced on that occasion; The one where he's out for some groceries and then catches me gawking at his wheels, I grin at him, he grins at me and I raise my arm in absolute solidarity.

Damn, man. The A-Team van. I'd be hella jealous if I didn't already have such a sweet ride.