Monday, June 8, 2009

Anime Expo!

I'm going to be at the local anime con, Anime Evolution, this weekend (June 12-14th). I'll be sharing a table at the artist alley with my lovely and talented girlfriend Janet ( and our friends Felicia, Karen and Tomoko. It's my first time at an anime convention so please drop by and say hi!

I'll have our brand spanking new artbook: ZOMBIES NINJAS AND PIRATES there as well!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yo Ho.

I've completed work for an artbook called Zombies, Ninjas, Pirates from a group called Sketchrospective. Sketchrospective is a group of young, dangerous artists from the Canadian West Coast and the piece is by scale my most ambitious painting to date!

Zombies, Ninjas, Pirates should be available sometime in early June.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Laundry Day

Ooh La La! Painting sillyness.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sakura Days

Another painting done for practice around November.

You know how in Anime's they always show characters standing around wistfully with pink cherry blossom petals blowing beautifully around them? There's a cadre of Sakura trees guarding the sidewalk outside my flat and as I walked outside today the little buggers were coming down like hail! I couldn't even see down the street because they were assaulting my face from every angle. So much for the poetic scene =) Anyways, the subject of the picture is a peach blossom tree not a cherry blossom tree so i'm digressing; but watch out for dem trees.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Two Forgotten Bronze Fellows

Concept sketches for a ancient Chinese Golem? What is this? Shang Dynasty? Tang? Wu-Tang?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There are Peaks and there are Valleys and then there are Peaks

Ah, good stuff.

So I heard the economy is down,
and so is the industry.
Almost everyone's out of work,
and the weather's a little shitty.
TV is cancelled because of disinterest.
Internet is cancelled because of fastidiousness.
Mwahaha! What a glorious time to draw!.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wasteland, a breakdown

Doing my latest photoshop painting was a lot of fun. Even early on, I thought it'd be interesting to post up the various stages in paint and as promised here is a breakdown of the process -which in itself is really a work in progress-:

1. I'm still just getting the hang of doing pictures entirely in photoshop and not working from scanned pencils etc. This time I started out with an extremely loose sketch over a flat background base; In the future I think i'll probably spend more time in this 'stage' since I had some real composition issues later on with the three characters ;p.

2. With the sketch in hand, I quickly roughed in some colour with a coarse brush just to have something to go off of. I'm just trying to lay in the basic shapes as well as some color difference. The landscape was, of course, done in a seperate layer and in fact I tried to have as many seperate layers as possible while keeping stuff organized (sometimes very unsuccessfully =) ). Something basic but totally invaluable I learned was that you can just right click while in the pointer mode to bring up a selectable menu of all the layers that are under where you're pointing your mouse.

3. At this point, I started rendering all the characters. I wanted to keep everything to a tight palette and as you can see from the sketch, tried to make a lot of corrections. One thing that I really like to do, but don't do enough of, is to look at a drawing in the mirror to make sure the proportions are correct since the eye tends to skew things in a certain direction. This is made much easier in 'shop where you can just flip the damned thing so I try to split half the time just working on the entire image in reverse. If it looks good both ways then you've got it made.

4. Ah, the background. I probably had the absolute most fun with this part. To me, painting is more akin to sculpting that drawing. In drawing, i'm used to draftsmanship where you try to be as precise as possible in rendering but with paint you're really just pushing colours all over the canvas and just trying to shape stuff until it feels right. Eagle eyed viewers will also notice several anamatomical changes on the characters as they didn't feel right.

Here's a view of just the background.

5. And finally, with some more colours and effects we arrive at the posted picture.

Here it is with the original sketch. Thanks for reading!